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H-o-M: Demitri by wakaz H-o-M: Demitri by wakaz
Look a second character
now there are a total of TWO males in Siren. Yee.


Name Demitri Blacktail

Nickname(s) DemiGOD (Okay maybe he only calls himself that.), Demi

Gender Male

Age 15

Birthday May 5th

House Siren

Rank Referee

Level 3


-Loud: Never shuts up! He loves to talk and joke, and enjoys conversations be it long or short. Feeling bored? Go to him!

-Flirt: As he is a teen in his prime, Demitri loves to flirt and hit on all the older/near his age girls. He doesn't mean anything from it really, and in all honesty he just wants them to feel special.

-Good liar: Not a bad trait nor a good trait. Most of his lies are pretty flawless but not always.

-Quick Tempered: He gets mad pretty quickly and it doesn't take a lot for him to get upset and as such Folly will become aggressive as well. It makes him a rather effective referee but bad on missions.

-Impatient: Cannot wait for anything- if it isn't done within half an hour, don't expect it to get done. As much as he'd like to do things he just can't find the motivation for it. This can cause him to get frustrated.


+Sea foam







-Deep deep water


-Fire coral

-Cereal that isn't Captain Crunch



Let's get one thing clear- Demitri doesn't dislike  adults. Anyway, he was born actually quite a distance from Meansville and lived as an only child of a rather well off family- not rich though, in fact they were quickly going broke. You see, they were bad at handling money and would often buy lots of things for there son, even though he asked them not to. Not that he minded, but he knew it was stupid. At the age of ten he decided to get away from his family as they were making stupid decisions because of him and, to be honest, his travelling feet were itching to go. As you can guess, he ran away with all the money he had and very few belongings. In the middle of the night, the boy hopped on a bus and never looked back, hopping trains, buses, and even cars randomly, landing broke in Meansville a few months later, having survived on his measly money and the kindness of strangers. By now he was regretting leaving but had no idea how to get home so he spent awhile living under the docks, wondering what to do now. Had it been worth it? Where to go now? What now? As a young boy approaching the age of 11 it was easy for him to fall into depression and after a few weeks fighting he gave up to it, the horrible feeling of loneliness and disappointment taking over him. Demitri was homeless, starving, and sick living like this knowing he'd go nowhere in his life. A single mistake had ruined his life and he realized it too late. A few days after his birthday he stood at the end of one longest docks, starring at the deep water and did what he thought was right- jumped. Now, he never learned how to swim so he was quick to go under and black out. When he woke up, he found himself in a wonderful house with plenty of other kids, feeling much better. Once he had recovered enough to walk around he found out that a kid had saved him and brought him to this big house- a place that was home to the children of Siren. Still not well enough to leave, he asked the infirmary to see if he could join and they brought him the leader who explained things- sadly, Demitri didn't meet any of their standards. But they didn't know that. So after a few well devised lies (which were unravelled as he passed rank 2), he was accepted and given a token- a scarf that he was one of the only things they had left as they were short on token makers. Using the last of his money he bought a pirate costume and came back, putting on the scarf for the first time and gazing upon his new spirit. He was amazed and named her "Folly" for no real reason. As most hosts did, they quickly grew close and grew together. He happened to meet a nice girl named Ran who was a bit older than him, but was kind enough to be friends with him. Folly had some issue with Ai, but Demitri ignored that. As he ranked up alongside Ran, his feelings of... affection grew for her. He was rooting for her to become House leader when the accident happened. He was so worried, and even Folly was upset, but when she was healthy again, things had changed. She was no longer the kind and gentle Ran he knew, but a new, mean one, and that didn't settle well with him so he became her rival. As much as he dislikes the new her, he still supports and backs her up, hoping for the old Ran to show up. Unfortunately Folly is much more blunt and aggressive towards her and Ai, harassing them when she can. Currently he lives full time in the Siren mansion and works a mediocre job, making enough to buy Captain Crunch.


Name Folly

Gender Female??

Elemental Ability 

Steam Creation: She can spray extremely hot water/steam from her mouth and cause bad burns to her foes, or temporarily blind them.

Foam Binding: Freakily enough, her claw hands can ooze a sea foam mixture that, once applied, hardens and makes it tough to move. It can be burned though.

Steam Reflection: By using her steam for defence, it makes it tough to see and causes something similar to the attackers form be shown. It is extremely tough to pull off as the weather must be perfect and her energy must be high.

Weapon / Fighting Style Most of her body as she is an opportunist.


-Pleasant: More enjoyable to be around than Demitri most times as she is polite and kind, often motherly, especially towards younger members. Ask nicely and she'll do your hair!

-Fun! She'll give people rides and play with them as long as they ask nicely or she isn't busy! She's slightly the reason Demitri doesn't get work done as she wants to play all the time.

-Jealous: Never hit on Demitri if you want to be friends with her. He is hers. Or he is in her mind. You want to start something with him you have to get through her. Whether this is motherly or relationship like love is unsure.

-Holds Grudges: Getting on her bad side will put you on her "Shark List". Demitri wanted it to be something else but she wanted to keep it child friendly language.  



* Demitri's Thoughts/Feelings

+ Folly's Thoughts/Feelings

Bullet; Purple Family/House

Bullet; Black Neutral || Uncertainty

Bullet; Blue Acquaintance

Bullet; BlueBullet; Blue Friend

Bullet; Green Good friend

Bullet; GreenBullet; Green Best friend

Bullet; Yellow Crush || Attraction

Bullet; Pink *KISSY NOISES*

Bullet; Red Discomfort

Bullet; RedBullet; Red Despise

[Feeling | Name + Link | House + Rank | Thoughts]

Other information

-Demitri seems to always have some Captain Crunch on him, but where he keeps it is a mystery.

-Demitri and Ran/Folly and Ai have issues with each other.

-Folly is ridable!

-Folly is about... say, 7 feet tall? She isn't small.

Roleplay example [WIP]

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Be careful she'll cut you
And thank you! I'm glad you like her design!
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