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EDY: Noah by wakaz EDY: Noah by wakaz
For :iconeden-de-ys: Llama Emoji-10 (Shy) [V1] 


Noah Lux
Alias / Nickname:
Mockingbird, Lucky, Copycat
Superb Lyrebird (… )
5'8" | 172.7 cm aprox.
Both, he's pretty open
*Mimicry *Singing *Memorization *Organization *Sound Recognition *Hiding
Rank: D 
Stamina: 3 Charm: 3 Wit: 4 Technique: 3 Willpower: 2
+Colourful things+Wild Berries +Watermelon +Parties +Being with others +Pranks +Laughter +Listening to music 
-Silence -Bad singers -Dry foods -Lots of open space -Being spun -Nuts -The cold
Loud - Noah is a loud and happy person who hates having to be quiet. Even when he is alone he is either talking to himself, singing, or listening to music just so it won't be quiet. He especially loves the sound of laughter, be it his own or others, and will try very had to make others laugh. 
Energetic/happy-go-lucky - He has trouble sitting still and has a ton of energy to burn so he rarely ever walks places and will run, jump, and parkour his way around because walking is waaayyy too boring. Not to mention it take quite a bit to get him down, so bad news doesn't affect him as much as it probably should. 
Show off - Likes to make others impressed so he will try and showcase his skills when others are around just to try and get a "good job" or "cool". It's a bit of a bad habit, but he doesn't really want to change it. 
Trickster - Due to his great skill in mimicry, Noah enjoys copying voices that he has heard and using them to stir up trouble for others and get a kick out of it. It can backfire though as sometimes he messes up royally and gets into trouble with the owner of the voice. Most of the time though he can only keep the pitch for a few minutes before he gets distracted and it changes. 
Kind of an ass - Also, because he is good at being a copycat, if you happen to make him cross he will try and cause trouble for you by using your voice and spreading rumors and such. Example: If he knows a friend of yours is around the corner, he will talk shit about them in your voice and then flee. But this isn't common though because often he will get too bored to bothered with the the effort and not do it, so it's rare for this to happen. 
Bold - Noah has always seemed to have good luck so he is willing to try dangerous things. That or he is just plain out stupid. Either way, most dares and challenges are accepted quickly with little thought, and he will usually follow through on them.
Noah Lux was born and raised in New South Wales, Australia, by a loving mother and father. They lived normally, with paychecks big enough that they could usually put some aside. He learned how to speak faster than most and made use of his vocal chords every chance he got. When he started school he often got sent to the principal's office for disrupting the class but never seemed to mind and would chat all the way there. He made friends quickly but lost them just as fast, his ego and asshole tendencies scaring them away. As a result, he didn't really have permanent friends throughout school or outside, yet managed to keep a rather exciting social life. As he grew up he began to work on his mimicry, learning how to pitch things and interpret what he heard. His ability to recall sounds that he has heard was quite remarkable seeing as he had a pretty bad memory since he was little and sometimes the only way he could remember was if he recalled a sound linked to the event. 
Noah dropped out of school at 17 because he was unable to focus on it and began working with a talent group called "Superb Sounds" filled with people who could sing, beat box, throw their voice, and even mimic. Most of his skills were honed there and he felt like he got better everyday. He actually developed a crush on one of the members, but they left the group to be a solo performer before he could confess. To Noah's surprise, the group became popular enough  to schedule a few shows and that was a big achievement for him. Soon enough it was time to leave his hometown and, with a goodbye to his parents, he was off to travel. 
They stayed mostly in Australia, once or twice leaving, and after one of their shows the Lyerbird was approached by a recruiter for some business. Eager for a change of scene because, as much as he loved the group, he was bored of the same situation and routine all the time. Noah happily accepted and landed himself in Eden where he still enjoys the ever changing hustle and bustle of the island. He has to admit though, that he still isn't fully comfortable with the sexual part, but really doesn't care.

*His tracker is a piercing in his left ear.
*Has an Australian accent in his regular voice. 
*Isn't perfect at mimicking things and is prone to getting the pitches and accents wrong.
*Good at remembering noises, bad at remembering things that happened more than 3 years back.
*Has fairly small wings
*Has feathery down on his neck that merges with his hair.
*All of his feathers (tail, wings, neck) are quite sensitive to pain.
*Has always had ridiculous luck, but more so in childhood than now.
*Cannot fly.
*Loves to try new things.
*More of a Uke Seke, but willing to top as well.


Bullet; Purple  Family

Bullet; Black  Neutral || Uncertainty

Bullet; Blue Acquaintance

Bullet; BlueBullet; Blue Friend

Bullet; Green Good friend

Bullet; GreenBullet; Green Best friend

Bullet; Yellow Crush || Attraction

Bullet; Pink *KISSY NOISES* A.K.A Love

Bullet; Red Discomfort

Bullet; RedBullet; Red Despise

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Maison de Vigne
RP Methods:
(Best to worst) Skype - Notes - Chat - Comments
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